“The New York Harbor is an underutilized asset. The U.S. Coastal Service’s trailer-on-barge service in the New York Harbor improves economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, and the resilience of the transportation industry.”

CEO David Logan

We unite trucking and maritime services to bring you the best of both worlds.

In consolidating dozens of trailers onto one barge, we greatly reduce the amount of labor and energy needed to enter/exit NYC and its five boroughs. We aim to eliminate tens of thousands of truck miles per week – every week – with the following types of services.

Roll-on/roll off

This is our most basic service where we deliver your trailers by barge from one waterside landing spot to another.

After you deliver your trailers to one of our waterside staging areas in either NY or NJ by a specified time, we load them onto our barge for delivery to the other state. We arrive at a specified time and unload the trailers.

You pick up your trailers and can leave other trailers for delivery back to the other side. This cycle can occur day or night five days per week with pricing at or below the current costs of trucking.


Dock-to-Dock is similar to our RoRo service, except that we use our own fleet of electric-powered tractors to pick up and deliver your trailers on both sides of the delivery – from your dock to their dock.

This service does not require that you have drivers or any distribution center within NY and its five boroughs, saving you significant time and labor costs at competitive rates.


Under this service agreement we perform door-to-door service with palletized freight. You don’t need a full trailer of goods to use our service.

Perhaps you are an electronics supplier in Jersey City who wants to deliver ten pallets per week to Brooklyn. We will consolidate your goods with other LTL shipments, load onto our trailers and ship across the water, and then perform the final mile delivery to your customer.

We use electric-powered box trucks to complete the final mile delivery and reduce what used to be a lengthy trucking route to a few miles of on-road delivery.