About Us

“The only way we have a chance of mitigating climate change is for everyone to begin doing everything they can, immediately, to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.”

David Logan

David Logan, CEO

Co-Founded gShip, an early Short Sea Shipping company. Spent 25+ years assembling teams to create advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. Helped Barcade, the Brooklyn based craft beer bar, expand nationally.

Murray Fisher, Senior Adviser

Co-Founder of Blue Marble Partners, an environmental investment firm. Creator – New York Harbor School and Billion Oyster Project (Board Chair). Helped launch and build global Waterkeeper Alliance movement.

Alex Matthiessen, Senior Adviser

Co-Founder of Blue Marble Partners, an environmental investment firm. Launched and led campaigns to bring “congestion pricing” to NYC and force major environmental clean-ups by GE, Entergy and Exxon Mobil. Created (Presidential Award-winning) Green Energy Parks program at USDOI.

Ilana Mayid, Director of Sustainability and Strategic Partnership

Recent MBA focused on sustainability and social entrepreneurship after 8 years in finance across private wealth, portfolio management, and funds of hedge funds. Completed research projects with WWF and other non-profits on the blue economy, as well as internships with Amazon Logistics, OS-Climate, and a fintech VC fund and accelerator. After short stints in Durham, NC and Seattle, she’s returned to her NY and NJ roots.

David Schwenk, Sr. VP of Sales

Ten years working with warehouses and trucking companies in northern New Jersey. Developed markets throughout Eastern Europe and Scandinavia for NY-based brokerage textile firm. Has been an environmental advocate not only through his business practices but also through journalism and social activism.

Shea Thorvaldsen, Marine Operations

An industry expert in the marine construction, engineering, and underwater fields, Mr. Thorvaldsen is uniquely experienced with the NYC Waterfront. Of the 520 miles New York City shoreline, Mr. Thorvaldsen has inspected, engineered, constructed, dived, or sailed over 425 of them.